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Significant Time Saved In The Budgeting Process

May 29, 2023

A leader in Australia in the retail and distribution of performance and lifestyle footwear with over 420 stores across 10 different retail banners.

At a glance


  • Working solely using Excel
  • Produce a consolidated budgeting report was difficult
  • Lengthy budget process


  • 98% time saved in the budgeting process
  • 80% of the budgeting completed within a month


First advantage

  • All month-end reports are generated more accurately with a simple click of a button.

Second advantage

  • Uploading wholesale data to the database takes only a minute now.

Third advantage

  • Freed time to do analysis and focus on fine-tuning other financial aspects.

Automated Budgeting


The Australian retailer was always used to produce budgets using Excel as long as they were limited to 20 stores. However, with a massive jump to over 420 stores in the past 3 years, it became increasingly impossible to work solely using Excel. Secondly, given the fact that different ERPs were being run across their organization it was getting increasingly challenging to produce a consolidated view as their wholesale data had to be extracted separately and stored in separate Excel cubes; which in itself would take up to 1 hour for the macros to be run.


The above challenges were successfully overcome with the following benefits being realized:

  • A common data foundation was formed for planning, budgeting, and forecasting across the organization with all relevant data flowing in a unified manner, which made performing ad hoc reporting much easier.
  • GL (General Ledger) consolidations and management reports could be prepared with complete automation with data consistency being maintained constantly.
  • Simplified and improved data preparation and increased the frequency, accuracy, and granularity of forecasts by using both financial and non-financial information as well as simulation and scenario considerations.
  • All month-end reports could now be generated more accurately with a simple click of a button.