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Significant Reduction in Company's Past Dues by Automating AR

May 29, 2023

A leading operator of office supply superstores in the US. With 75+marketplaces worldwide, the company sells a wide range of office supplies, furniture and equipment along with offering business and technology services.

At a glance


  • Paper-based processes
  • Manually prioritizing customer accounts receivables
  • Multiple touchpoints
  • Lack of visibility


  • 20% Reduction in Bad-Debt
  • 27% Reduction in Past-Dues
  • 5 and 6 Days Reduction in ADD and DSO respectively


First advantage

  • Automated payment reminders to customers which helped them to prioritize high-risk ones.

Second advantage

  • Achieved a 360 degree view into all customer accounts.

Third advantage

  • Can compare the KPIs of their collection team.

AR Automation Reduced 27% Company's Past Due


The collections team at a leading operator of office supply superstores in the US was practicing paper-based processes and manual prioritization of customer accounts, which led to increased aging – making collections recovery tedious. Everything was done on paper – from aging to strategizing, and invoicing to collections. This made the team devote at least 25-30% of their time to manual activities, leading to an increased workload. The company was handling 900 - 1000 accounts, thus making it difficult to track their collection status.


The company overcame the challenges cause by their manual processes. The following benefits were realized:

  • The manual, paper-based processes were automated which helped to prioritize high-risk customers further suggesting new collection strategies based on more relevant parameters.
  • For faster collections recovery, the system predicted the payment date of customers based on multiple factors using AI-based predictions.
  • Generated real-time insights into customer accounts. With an auto-prioritized worklist, collectors are able segment their customers on the basis of risk and contact more accounts and centrally track activity to review and follow-up, based on the priority of the accounts.
  • Built-in reporting functionality helps track various performance metrics like aging reports, DSO, ADD, and collection effectiveness index (CEI).